This covers keeping a dwelling secure against unauthorised access and the deterrence of intruders by considering the use of window locks or deadlocks, burglar alarms, security lighting etc.

In particular all ground floor and other accessible windows should be protected by the provision of suitable window locks or other appropriate security measures. In the case of key operated window locks, such keys must be so located as to be readily available at all times.

The front and rear doors must be of sound construction and be well maintained. Outward-opening doors must have hinge bolts fitted.

The front door must be fitted with a suitable viewer where the door is not fitted with a vision panel.

The front door should be provided with a suitable safety chain.

Front and rear final exit doors must be provided with a secure lock. Those doors fitted with a lock, including final exit doors forming part of the means of escape, must be capable of being opened from the inside without the use of a key. In addition, the rear door is to be provided with a barrel bolt (200mm min) unless the door is fitted with a shoot bolt locking mechanism (3 or 5 point locking).

Where electronic door entry systems are provided, these must be in good working order and regularly maintained.

Where necessary or appropriate, pedestrian routes to the main entrance of the property should be fitted with adequate security lighting.

Where the property is fitted with an alarm, key holder details should be notified to the Council‘s Public Protection Division