Welcome to our TnC Event

This is a monthly networking event, for HMO investors investing in Liverpool, where we share with you,

★ Tea, Coffee and Beers (TnC + Beers)

★ Market update from the leading HMO agency in Liverpool

★ Networking – your network is your networth

★ Introduction to our preferred service providers (builders, solicitors, mortgage broker, furniture providers)

★ Introduction to one of our associated sourcing agents

On the last Friday of every month Now Rooms Liverpool open up their conference room to host tea, coffee, beers and networking for investors, tradespeople and service providers operating in Liverpool.

We share the latest updates on the HMO-market in Liverpool,
– whats working and whats not
– where rooms are selling vs not selling and for how much

★ access to some of our exclusive deals, available for purchase

This is always a fantastic event, not to be missed by anyone serious about investing in HMOs in Liverpool.

Book your place now to come and build some valuable relationships for you and your business.

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