Tips to Get Along with Your Flatmates

So, like many others in Liverpool, you’ve decided to share a flat with others. Whether you are a professional or a student, sharing a house or flat with others whom you don’t know can be a challenge, but it can also be amazing. In Liverpool, you’re going to meet locals as well as people from around the world. Enjoy that experience, with a few guidelines, for as long as you can.

Communication is the key to any relationship and is especially important when sharing accommodations. Keeping the shared spaces clean should be at the top of the list to talk about. It’s important that you show each other respect by keeping the main living areas clean. Have a chat about what you all define as “clean” and set up guidelines. For instance, you may decide that items like clean laundry should be folded in your own spaces and dirty plates should be brought to the kitchen immediately.

If you start out with a good and open line of communication it will be helpful as there are bound to be issues that arise and having that established line of communication will help resolve these issues. Make sure you’re open and honest about your needs and listen to what your flatmates are saying about what they need and want. Communication, as they say, is a ‘two-way street’ and listening is just as important as talking about your needs.

You don’t have to become fast and firm friends, but why not have some fun with the people you’re living with. So get to know your flatmates better by showing them that you’re genuinely interested in who they are. Ask them about themselves and you’re bound to find something you have in common. Capitalize on the commonalities as well as the differences – you may find that you can be introduced to new things and you can do the same for them.

Be accepting and forgiving. A great way to live your life and also a necessity when living with others. You, yourself, are going to make mistakes – perhaps leaving your laundry in the washer or dirty dishes in the living room – and you’ll want your flatmates to not make a big deal about it. You have to give them the same courtesy. That’s where communication comes in. Even if your flatmates don’t say anything to you about something you did or forgot to do, make sure to bring it up yourself and clear the air. The last thing you want is tension. Good communication can be the non-starter for tension and allows you and your flatmates to enjoy your time together – it really can be amazing.