House sharing is often a necessity for people starting out on their own. After all, you get to share the expenses of heat and electric and you have an always full house when you feel like a party. It’s a great way to save money on rent and it could be fun, with the right people. With the wrong people, it could be a nightmare. You may be the type of person to clean up after you make yourself tea but what if your roommates aren’t that type? It can start slowly with a dish or two left in the sink, unwashed. By the end of the week you can’t see the sink for the dirty dishes and the counters aren’t much better. Pizza crusts and teabags litter the counter, along with every glass in the house. Imagine 6 people living together in a house with one kitchen and nobody wants to do their dishes. You could end up washing the lot of them, slamming away the plates and cups, annoyed at your roomies but desperate for some semblance of normalcy and a clean spoon. The kitchen isn’t the only room that needs attention. Who is taking out the trash? Who’s turn is it to vacuum or cut the grass? You could always call a house meeting and complain and demand that something be done. You could be that person. You won’t be liked much and you certainly will end up doing most of the housework anyways.  Whether you’re one of the first to take up residence in the house or you’re new to it all, one thing is for certain. Someone will have to deal with the range of stuff that people will leave behind in the house when they vacate. Rusty bedsprings, broken dressers and filthy microwaves seem to accumulate in the house and no one wants to take responsibility of disposing of them. They are left scattered about the house, seemingly waiting for their owners to return and reclaim them.  Don’t get me started on the food! A communal fridge and cupboard is an open invitation to be rid of the food you bought with your hard-earned money. You could label all of your food, but that’s never stopped some people. You’ll find your labels in the over-flowing trash and your food gone. With the right people, house sharing can be fun and inexpensive. With the wrong people, it could be your nightmare.