It’s been 10 years since Liverpool as designated as the European Capital of Culture and it’s celebrating this anniversary with impressive events throughout 2018. The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the EU for a period of one calendar year during which it organises a series of cultural events with a strong pan-European dimension. Preparing a European Capital of Culture can be an opportunity for the city to generate considerable cultural, social and economic benefits and it can help foster urban regeneration, change the city’s image and raise its visibility and profile on an international scale.

Liverpool enjoyed all of the benefits that comes with this designation and saw a huge spike in visitors as well as a lot of money coming into the city. They’ve been planning for the 10th anniversary for a while and have now announced some events, with more announcements to follow. The biggest event, so far, is the Terracotta Warriors from China. It’s been described as the biggest exhibition Liverpool’s museums has ever hosted with people from all over the world expected to buy tickets to see the Terracotta Army.

Liverpool was selected to host this exhibit due to its standing as the home of the oldest Chinese communities in Europe. The 10 Warriors will make up the centrepiece of the display of 180 artifacts that tell the story of China’s first 1,000 years. Fiona Philpott, director of exhibitions at National Museums Liverpool, said: “We’re going to be completely transforming the current gallery into a very dark, dramatic space because we have one of the most exciting exhibitions we’ve ever seen staged right here at the World Museum.

Other events that have been announced, so far, include a Tall Ships regatta in May. This regatta will link the city to Dublin and Bordeaux. The finale of the Clipper Around the World Yacht Race will be take place in July and for the fashion enthusiasts, The Clothes Show is taking place in October, a great time of year to hold this event as students return to school and everyone starts preparing for the Christmas season.

Art galleries will inspire everyone with their offerings in 2018. The Tate will include a retrospect on Austrian painter Egon Schiele and a major arts and technology commission where FACT will work alongside members of the Toxteth and Dingle communities. More events will be announced in the new year.