New HMO Licence Guidance

The private rented sector is an important part of our housing market, with 4.7 million households in England. The sector has under gone rapid growth over the last ten years. It is the second largest tenure in England, representing 20 per cent of all households in England. Liverpool is a large contributor, having many investment opportunities in regards to HMOs. Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) form a vital part of this sector, often providing cheaper accommodation for people whose housing options are limited. HMOs are known to be commonly occupied by students but there are also a growing number of young professionals and migrant workers sharing houses and flats.

Licencing has always been an issue and the key is to keep up to date on changes. At Now Rooms, that’s exactly what we do. We’re a great resource for investors and letters alike. New changes to HMO licence conditions have been in place since October 1st 2018.

Now landlords must have an HMO licence if:

  • five or more tenants live in their property and
  • these tenants are split into two or more unrelated ‘households’ or groups e.g. a couple and a family of three and
  • these tenants share facilities such as a bathroom and kitchen

While the story-height criteria will no longer apply, any property with five or more people who form unrelated households, and share amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom, must have an HMO licence.

A new licence condition also introduces minimum bedroom sizes for HMO properties. For a child under 10 years of age the minimum requirement is 4.64m². For any single person over 10 years of age it is 6.51m² and for two people the minimum size is 10.22m².

The new licence conditions also include: the maximum permitted number of persons for the property as detailed in the licence and landlords must also provide facilities where tenants can store waste while waiting for scheduled council refuse collections.

Now Rooms Liverpool tracks all changes to the regulations surrounding landlords, tenants and HMOs. Give us a call and see how our management team can help you with your HMO.