Maintenance Policy

Houses can be costly to maintain, particularly older, single skin houses. House shares and HMOs can also be prone to maintenance from over use, particularly bathrooms, kitchens and furniture. Having reliable tradespeople can be very valuable and can save a lot of time and expense. We have a network of reliable trades people that we can call on depending on the size of the issue, so our service to our landlords and tenants is to rectify maintenance issues as quickly as possible to appease everyone involved.

97% occupation rate on our managed house shares in Liverpool!

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Support Team

Any maintenance work can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by our team of trained professionals.

Leaky taps are the big one or leaks under the sink for some reason are another common one. Having a good plumber on hand is really important and speed of fixing the problem can save a lot of damage and unnecessary expense.
There isn’t a great deal of on-going maintenance for joiners as long as the house has been refurbished initially to a good standard. However certain things like locks, door handles and door frames are generally the most common maintenance issues.
Roofs and gutters
These can be expensive so we recommend all our landlords ensure they have had their roofs checked prior to moving tenants in. Particularly during the winter months
Gas Engineers
Doing annual boiler checks and any problems with gas ovens can quickly be dealt with.
PAT certificates and electrics
HMOs require annual PAT certificates and electrical safety should be number one priority for every landlord. We have 8 Electricians that we call upon, as the good ones are always busy!
Fire Alarm Systems
These can be expensive but they can also save a tenant’s life. We work with a couple of fire companies who really value the importance of their systems for saving lives.
Gardeners and Cleaners
These are niceties but can be very important considerations for tenants. We have access to both.