There are two types of licences in Liverpool and we can do both of these for you. For clients, we do this free of charge. Please enquire for details

HMO is the abbreviation for Houses in Multiple Occupation

An HMO is technically defined as
“Where 3 or more people share a house from 2 or more households”

There are two sizes of HMOs

1. Licenced HMOs – also known as Mandatory Licence HMOs because all HMOs of this size have to have a licence across the UK
2. Unlicenced HMOs – across the country if the property is not a mandatory licence then it is in most cases “unlicenced”. However in Liverpool all rented property has to have a licence therefore HMOs that do not fall into Mandatory licence are classed as “Selective Licence HMO”. The most common term for this is “Multi-lets”.

Licenced HMO 

  1. Needs to be over 3 storeys or more AND more than 5 tenants in order to qualify for a licence
  2. Needs an HMO licence from the council (£840 per licence)

  1. Needs FD30 doors on all bedrooms and kitchens and living rooms (not required on bathrooms)
  2. Needs a Grade A fire alarm system with a fire panel that shows where a fire is by zone (normally 1 zone per floor)
  3. Discounts are given to the landlord on the price of the HMO licence if you have registered your property with CLASS (Citywide Landlord Accreditation Safety Scheme). The landlord must do this prior to applying for the HMO licence or you won’t get the discount.

Un-licenced HMO 

  1. Anything that does not qualify for a mandatory HMO licence is unlicenced, however in Liverpool it requires a “selective licence”.
  2. Can be any number of rooms over 1 or 2 floors, but if over 3 floors must have 4 tenants and under.
  3. Selective licences are £400 per property or £200 with an RLA membership.
  4. Don’t need fire doors anywhere as long as the exits are not long. However if the property is particularly big then the council, on inspection, may request for fire doors to be put in.
  5. Needs mains interlinked fire detectors per floor
  6. Note – the licence is dependent upon the number of tenants not number of rooms, for example if there are 4 rooms but a couple moves into one room then there are 5 tenants and it is therefore eligible for a mandatory licence.

You can read more about licensing and regulations in our Knowledge Centre