Liverpool is growing and this growth is changing the face of the skyline. Construction is underway on many projects, including skyscrapers, apartment towers and hotels. When a city wants to build in the centre, there is nowhere to go but up and that’s exactly what’s happening in Liverpool. Towering cranes can be seen throughout Liverpool, giving a glimpse into what the skyline will look like. The projects being worked on vary immensely. To have a better understanding of what is being built, and where, here is an outline. The X1 The Quarter is a 25-storey apartment block that will loom over the waterfront on Sefton Street. Located near the waterfront in the south of the city, this apartment tower will have a lantern on top. A 16-storey hotel on Norfolk Street will be a mix of hotel rooms and apartments for sale, if the developers have their way. Located in the Baltic Triangle, this tall building was originally approved to be a block of apartments but the developers now want to change the plans into a 306 room hotel with 50 serviced apartments for sale. Either way, it’s being built. The Dingle tower block was stalled during the recession but work has begun again on this 16 floor apartment tower. The Herculaneum Quay tower is slated to be finished by the end of 2017. For students who can afford it, a luxury apartment building is due to open in September of this year. This 12-storey building on Renshaw Street will include a cinema, games room and a 24-hour gym. On the corner of Grafton Street and Park Street, the 3rd phase of the New Brunswick Village is underway. Small, at only 6-storeys, this building will no doubt join the others in changing the city-scape of Liverpool.  While growth is necessary, let’s hope that the towering buildings being built don’t ruin the beauty of Liverpool.