Have you ever visited Liverpool and had trouble understanding what the residents are saying? The dialect and accent of people from Liverpool is called Scouse and can be difficult to understand. It’s not just the accent that can be difficult – the words they use are very different and unique. This is not a phenomenon found only in Liverpool. There are many places around the world that use different words than their close neighbours and the accent can also differ greatly. Seong-Jae Kong, better known as Korean Billy, has created a Youtube page to try and help people understand the various dialects and accents of England. The Scouse dialect is one which he tries to decipher. Korean Billy became an internet sensation  with his YouTube videos that went viral. His scouse videos have had more than 400,000 views and he has also done videos on other British accents like London, Newcastle, and more. Korean Billy started doing the dialect videos after meeting students from Liverpool while he was studying as an exchange student at UCLAN. He recently made a trip to Liverpool and spoke about what he likes about the city. His favourite place is around The Museum of Liverpool. He said that he likes the mix of the modern buildings alongside the old, traditional buildings.  For museums and historic buildings, Korean Billy likes to head to the Liverpool Lime Street area though, for Billy, Albert Dock shows the characteristics and the history of Liverpool. Originally built in 1839, it was revitalized and re-opened in 1988. It was the first structure in Britain to be built entirely of cast iron, brick and stone. This type of building helped stop the common wooden warehouse fires at the time.  The Albert Dock is full of independent shops and restaurants as well as many museums and galleries. There is no wonder why it would be Korean Billy’s favourite place to explore Liverpool’s history.  Korean Billy would also recommend Whitechapel to hang out with friends. There are lots of restaurants and shops. He also recommends going to the top of the Radio City building. The observation area gives one a beautiful panoramic view of Liverpool. It’s nice to know that Korean Billy not only enjoys deciphering the dialects of Britain but also enjoys the cities, including Liverpool.