HMO Appraisal Reports

Want to know if the property you’re looking at is a great HMO deal or a deal to avoid? This is the service for you!

A lot of landlords we deal with are from London or the South and do find it difficult to get to Liverpool to view property. Landlords also very much struggle with market knowledge and understanding “is this property a good deal” and “will it rent?”. These are the two most common questions we get every day. Out of town landlords also don’t have a power team of trades people available which is why we provide a full refurbishment service through our sister company Liverpool Construction Group.

We want to help as many landlords as possible to invest in Liverpool. Our services are designed so that we can be your “on the ground partner” in Liverpool offering all services that are a one stop shop for investing here.

Two key services that we offer are our HMO Investment Appraisal service and our Property Inspection Reports. In short, our HMO Investment Appraisal is a deal analysis of something you want to buy or maybe in the process of buying checking that the deal will stack up. Our Property Inspection Reports are ideal for out of town landlords who can’t make viewings. We will go and view the properties you want us to and we report back with an assessment report for you.

HMO Investment Appraisals

Will It Rent? It’s the biggest nightmare for any landlord, buying a property and you can’t rent it. We’ve had a fair few properties we’ve turned down over the last few years because it hasn’t been bought in the right area, hasn’t been refurbished to the right specification and therefore won’t rent. Save yourself from buying a lemon and get it appraised by us!

Our CEO has purchased and refurbished 15 HMOs in Liverpool, all tenanted with students and professionals. His report will cover the following areas, plus any specifics you want him to look at:

  • Demand
  • Room Layout
  • Rentability
  • Likely Tenant Profiles
  • Rental Prices estimated
  • Purchase Price suggested
  • Back end valuation
  • Structuring of Finance for the deal – how best to do it
  • Estimated profits

This is a desktop analysis. NDA (none disclosure agreement) can be provided to cover your deal.

Property Inspection Reports

Can’t make a viewing? We can go and view a property for you and write an appraisal report. This is ideal for investors based out of town. Included in the report is the same as the Investment Appraisal but includes a site visit to the property and includes photographs, refurbishment recommendations, basic floor plan, rent appraisal and area comparables, potential tenants profiles for the area, area demand, and a refurbishment estimate.