HMOs for sale

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HMO Sourcing Deals

Are you looking to purchase HMOs in Liverpool?

We have projects coming up for sale, and existing tenanted properties already running as HMOs with landlords looking to sell

If you want a high performing HMO and get an immediate return then we can help you get a property

Or if you are looking to buy a property to convert to an HMO then also get in touch and we can help you get one.

Current Deals

Deal 242 – 11 bed professionals HMO fully tenanted and operational. £450k. Wirral. Gross Annual Rent £55.7k. Net Annual Rent £43.4k

Deal 248 – 8 bed HMO pub conversion, L15. £180k Purchase Price.

Deal 258 – 3 x 1 bed flats, L6. Annual Rent £14.2k. £135k PP

Deal 257 – 10 new build houses. L31. No planning permission. £350k PP. Est gross profit £350k

Deal 263 – A portfolio of 44 BTLs in Liverpool

Enquire Now

Our Liverpool HMO Day Course

For new or existing landlords looking to invest to Liverpool this course will help you gain as much knowledge and information as possible so you can go away and create the ideal HMO for both you and the tenants.

For more information about the course and how to book visit the Liverpool HMO Day page on our website under services and find out more. http://nowroomsliverpool.co.uk/liverpool-hmo-day/