How to Get the Most Value in a Home

Having purchased your house as an investment either as a HMO or a single family dwelling, the last thing you want to discover is that your house isn’t worth as much as you thought it was. As an investment, this news isn’t as horrible as you might think it is. Over the years of receiving rent that is higher than your mortgage you can invest a little bit of money every year to improve your property for future sale. This is much easier to do with investment properties as you are making money and paying down your mortgage, allowing for time to improve the property. This will also keep your tenants happy with each improvement.

These improvements don’t have to be costly. Painting in neutral tones is a plus when you are ready to sell. Your future buyers want to see the property as having possibilities and flowered wallpaper or flamboyant colours might turn buyers off – thinking about how much work they have to do to make the place their own. Neutralise the personality and present it as a blank slate for its next owners. Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell – your tenants will appreciate a ‘clean slate’, so to speak, for their framed art and pictures.

We’re not just talking about keeping the colour of the inside attractive and subtle. The outside colour is important as well. A nice white house with a splash of colour on the door can make for great appeal. Maintaining the outside is also important. If you have an iron fence, make sure it’s painted and maintained. A small garden is nice – just keep it manageable. If you have a property management team, ensure that the outside is included in the services they offer. As people pass your house you want them to see a well-kept house that they could live in.

Now Rooms Liverpool offer a wide array of services including managing and arranging maintenance, monthly gardeners, and site visits, to name a few. Give us a call and see how we can help you maintain and improve your property.