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What condition should my property be in to pass for an HMO?

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A dwelling should be maintained in a reasonable state of repair and will fail if: One or more key building components are old and, because of their condition need replacing or major repair; or two or more other building components are old and, because of their condition need replacing or major repair. A building

What do you charge?

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You can find a summary of our services and costs at https://nowroomsliverpool.co.uk/fully-managed-service/. Please call the office on 0151 679 1000 for further information

What are the estimated costs for trades people in Liverpool?

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Getting people at the right price to do the right job is essential in property development. Here are some of our guides for key trades people we use in Liverpool Handyman - £80 to £100 per day Joiners - £100 to £140 per day Cleaners - £15 per hour Roofers – priced by the

Where can I find property to buy?

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We can help you find your next HMO. We work directly with key strategic partners in Liverpool who are actively looking for properties to buy as going concerns, or properties to be converted. If you’d like to know more please contact one of our staff on 0151 679 1000

What rent can I get for my rooms?

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The rental prices per area and by type of property and by type of room is something we go into detail on the Liverpool HMO Day. Please call the office to find out more about when the next one is scheduled.

Where should I buy an HMO in Liverpool?

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There is varying demand for HMOs across the city. There is also a lot of change in where the demand is as student blocks are being developed across the city and certain areas of Liverpool which were traditional for student houses are now going empty. Demand differs for student, professionals and housing benefit tenants.

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