House share in Liverpool, or any other city for that matter can be a fun experience, provided you and your room mates stick to some rules.  These rules will give you a sense of privacy and at the same time, will help all of you to have a lot of fun.

Below are some essential rules for a HMO in Liverpool that is sure to make the whole process an exciting and memorable part of your life.

  • Music – Even if you think you have the best music taste in the world, it is not required that your room mate should have the same musical preferences too. So, be considerate of this difference, as music is often an issue between roommates. If your room mate also enjoys the music you’re listening to, great! Turn up the volume. Otherwise, put on your headphones for a private hearing session.
  • Sharing household chores – Let’s face it! No one likes to do the boring household chores. But instead of fighting over who should do it, make sure to have a schedule. Review this schedule frequently, say at the beginning of every month, to set up something that works for everyone. Always ensure that the schedule is fair and is considerate of everyone’s regular schedules like college and work. More importantly, everyone should agree and stick to these schedules.
  • Use apps for finances – Money is another sticky part when it comes to house sharing. So, instead of relying simply on your mind, use an app to record all your expense. This way, you can go back to history and check all the expenses at any time. At the end of every week or month, depending on your preferences, you can split the expenses and work out the finances.
  • Take care of your pet – Ideally, avoid pets in a house share, especially if your roommates are not big fans of pets. But if everyone agrees, go ahead and keep one. But remember, taking care of the pet is your sole responsibility. Do not expect your roommates to do that job for you.
  • Respect shared spaces – Though all of you are great friends and love to live together, everyone still likes to have their own privacy. So, respect shared spaces and never intrude into your roommates’ privacy.

These simple rules can go a long way in making your life easy in a shared accommodation.