A Corporate Let: An Alternative

Corporate lets are where a company says they have X number of employees moving in for an employment contract and they need housing. Typical examples are crane drivers, construction workers and teachers. Corporate lets allow us to help companies accommodate a large number of staff, normally for a set period of time (for a given contract length) or on going sourcing of accommodation to accommodate staff coming in each week.

If you’re an investor who owns or are looking for a property to let, keep in mind that you have more options than HMOs. Setting up a corporate let can a great alternative – giving you income and assurance that there is a company that you’ll be dealing with instead of multiple students or professionals. While an HMO can be a great investment, with corporate lets the tenants are accountable to not just you but to their company and, for that, they can make great tenants.

Obviously, you’re going to want to invest in a property close to the city centre and the main attractions as well as the business district. But at the same time, you want to have your corporate let in a quieter area that’s close to these areas but with the noise level a bit calmer. Access to the many areas of Liverpool is essential. Think about your tenant’s need for easy access to their work site. Luckily, Liverpool has a great transit system.

A corporate let will have all of the amenities of home. A fully equipped kitchen with all necessary utensils and kitchen aides such as a blender and slow cooker is a must. At least one, and maybe 2, full-sized bathrooms and enough bedrooms to accommodate a crew of at least 3 workers are some things to consider. A nice-sized sitting area is a must and should have a TV with some form of digital receiving equipment. Broadband internet and an incoming and outgoing phone line are essential.

Now Rooms Liverpool is here for you. If you’re considering investing or have already purchased a property in Liverpool, we can help you set up for an HMO, a private rental, a corporate let or, perhaps, a vacation property to let.