Keeping the Peace in your HMO

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Whether you’re starting university or a new job, if you find yourself living in an HMO there are some ways to keep the peace and be able to enjoy your new home and your flatmates. This is especially important if it’s the first time living with people who aren’t your family. Choosing flatmates who

What heating systems can I use for my HMO?

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The provision of adequate heating throughout a property is considered under Hazard 2 (excess cold) and Hazard 3 (excess heat) of the operational guidance of the HHSRS. In assessing the deficiencies that may give rise to such hazards, an inspection of the property will examine the thermal efficiency of the building with regard to

Getting to Know Liverpool

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Yes, Liverpool is known as the birthplace of The Beatles. They began in Liverpool and wrote about some areas such as Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, which you can visit and explore while playing the songs so rich in things Liverpool. The Beatles aren’t its only claim to fame. Liverpool is rich in history

Tips on Being a Good Flatmate

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Living with someone, in close quarters, who you don’t know can be a challenging situation and a source of anxiety, at first, but it can also be a great experience. The person or people who you’ll be living with during your university years can also become your best friend. Communication is probably the most

Article 4 in Liverpool: NEW INFORMATION

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New Article 4 information announced for Liverpool New plans have been revealed regarding the upcoming implementation of Article 4 in the Liverpool area. Not sure what article 4 is? Read our FAQ here to find out more. Article 4 is the council's effort to reduce the number of HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupancy)

Masterplan for Regeneration Scheme in Liverpool

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Liverpool is growing and the ‘regeneration scheme’, as it is being called, is leading the way. The Knowledge Quarter is the flagship regeneration scheme but there is much more happening. Investment and development in science and technology buildings are also playing a large part, as is the new cruise ship facility. It’s exciting times

Tips to Get Along with Your Flatmates

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Tips to Get Along with Your Flatmates So, like many others in Liverpool, you’ve decided to share a flat with others. Whether you are a professional or a student, sharing a house or flat with others whom you don’t know can be a challenge, but it can also be amazing. In Liverpool, you’re

Advantages of Using a Letting Agency

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Advantages of Using a Letting Agency Why use a letting agency, you may ask. Well, there are many advantages for landlords and tenants alike to use a letting agency. After all, they both want, basically, the same thing – a good landlord or tenant, hassle-free maintenance of the property and a way of

Happy Global Scouse Day

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Happy Global Scouse Day! One of the many happenings in Liverpool throughout the year is Global Scouse Day. Every year on February 28th there is a celebration of “all things Liverpool”, celebrated around the meat or veggie stew called Scouse. It has turned into a week-long event so if you missed it this