New Article 4 information announced for Liverpool

New plans have been revealed regarding the upcoming implementation of Article 4 in the Liverpool area.

Not sure what article 4 is? Read our FAQ here to find out more.

Article 4 is the council’s effort to reduce the number of HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) properties in certain Liverpool areas due to over saturation. This comes as a result of years of noise and anti-social behaviour complaints in specific areas where the majority of properties are made up of HMOs.

The council has released that the Dales area of Liverpool including Smithdown Road and Gainsborough Road will be the first areas to be impacted by Article 4 which comes into effect on 18th July 2018.

After this date, landlords will need to apply for planning permission in order to convert their property into an HMO, which previously was not the case. For a full list of the roads that will be effected by article 4’s implementation, see the list below.

What do you think about article 4 being implemented in certain areas of Liverpool?
Do HMOs cause a disturbance for local residents?

The following roads will be effected by article 4 as of 18th July 2018:

Gainsborough Road
Lawrence Road (even numbers 148 to 178)
Blantyre Road
Barrington Road
Claremont Road
Langdale Road
Borrwodale Road
Lidderdale Road
Nithsdale Road
Weardale Road
Kenmare Road
Avondale Road
Brookdale Road
Ferndale Road
Patterdale Road
Foxdale Road
Airdale Road
Garyoule Road
Smithdown Road