The Liverpool Orientation Session

This event is based initially at our office in Liverpool, for the first hour (or two) is a face to face meeting, to understand your circumstances and objectives. We then share all of our relevant knowledge, experience and expertise within the property market to help develop an effective and efficient investment strategy that will yield you the results that you require. With the strategy chosen, we then visit relevant postcodes in Liverpool that suit your strategy, viewing relevant properties and meeting trusted builders on site (if possible/required).

Our Mission

Is to save our clients time, money and hassle. By thoroughly educating them on the latest HMO market trends in Liverpool and connecting them with the best possible power team to ensure they have the right guidance and advice to avoid the pitfalls of property investing!


 1. A meeting at our office

  • Discuss your position

  • Discuss your objectives

  • Share our services

 2. Viewing properties

  • That we manage

  • Have developed

  • Have for sale

What you’ll learn by joining us

  • First-hand knowledge of the Liverpool HMO rental market – students and professional

  • Tenant demand by area

  • Expected room rates by area

  • Areas to avoid and why

Orientation Price – £495 per person

Please contact the office for more information regarding the next available date and to reserve your place.