Liverpool HMO Day

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**We are now taking bookings for places on our next Liverpool HMO Day which will be on the 12th May 2018. Places are limited so please book in advance. If you can’t make this one there will be another one. Call the office to enquire now.

If you are looking to invest in HMOs in Liverpool then this is the course for you! We have 5 years experience investing in Liverpool and currently manage over 200 rooms across the city. Geoff Parker has lived in Liverpool since 2002 and will impart his local area knowledge so you can make a judgement of which areas you want to target for your HMO.

The purpose of the course is for attendees to get as much information as possible to go away and create an ideal HMO that meets the demand of the market.

97% occupation rate on our managed house shares in Liverpool!

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Course Content

  • Areas Knowledge
  • Areas of regeneration
  • Change in demeand by area (postcodes)
  • Tenant profiles by area (Postcodes)
  • Areas to avoid
  • HMO saturation by area
  • Rent to rent in Liverpool and how best to do it
  • Case Study HMOs across Liverpool – area, rent rates, demand, tenant profiles
  • Liverpool Employers

HMO Amenities

  • Estimated room rents by size and area
  • House share and room amenities
  • Maximising Floor Space and Layouts
  • Demand for each type of property
  • Checking your configuration with demand

Location Visits

  • Drive around locations
  • Visit to some existing HMOs
  • See a current development

HMO Regulations

  • Planning process / someone from Planning
  • Presentation from Architect – meet a local architect
  • Fire alarm systems – what you need
  • Presentation from Builder – meet our local builder
  • Presentation from Head of HMO Licencing at Liverpool council – subject to their availability


  • Tenant management
  • Tenant Finding


  • Refinancing and Revaluations – the different values across Liverpool and how a valuer will look at it
  • Real revaluation case studies in Liverpool

For more details about the day please email cameron@nowrooms.co.uk for a brochure and prices