Corporate Lets

We provide a lettings service for companies looking to house their staff – be it for 1 month up to 5 years, and for any number of employees. We have worked with a previous company to house 50 staff for 6 months, and also with a medical company to place 5 employees as week as they moved to Liverpool.Building Contractors

The type of contractors we have worked with include

– Engineering & building Contractors
– Nurses and medical staff
– Warehouse workers

We can provide accommodation over a short period of time, be it 4 weeks, or anything up to five years with yearly rent reviews.

NursesIn Liverpool, we see a lot of contractors coming in for short term projects that normally last 3-6 months. We also see a lot of contractors who may be working up in Liverpool during the week, and then commuting back home for the weekends.

Why Should Contractors Rent Rooms from Us
– Good Quality Accommodation
– Fully Managed
– Cheaper than a hotel
– Flexibility

If you are a contractor or a company looking for accommodation, then please contact us to see how we can help you.