Things to do as a student in Liverpool

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Students in Liverpool have some great choices to discover the area they find themselves living in. Studying should not be only about the university. There is much to discover in Liverpool and you won’t have to choose between eating that day or going on a small adventure – it doesn’t have to break your pocketbook.

Things you need to know about if you house share

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House sharing is often a necessity for people starting out on their own. After all, you get to share the expenses of heat and electric and you have an always full house when you feel like a party. It’s a great way to save money on rent and it could be fun, with the right

Liverpool is “learning lessons” about student accommodation

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Liverpool has done its homework on student accommodation and are planning applications in the hope of building purpose built accommodation for students inside of the city centre. With a total population of over 50000 students playing a massive role in the economy of Liverpool, Making sure quality and sustainability is a priority is key for

New National Minimum Bedroom sizes in Houses of Multiple Occupation Proposed by Government

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The government is proposing a national minimum bedroom size and a re-defining of what constitutes a House in Multiple Occupation in the latest example of increased regulation over the private rental sector in England. Single bedrooms in HMOs would have to be a minimum of 6.5 square metres - roughly 70 square feet - and

Is the Smithdown Road Student Community coming to an End?

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The growing number of city centre developments could “destroy” the student community off Smithdown Road if action is not taken, landlords fear. Tens of thousands of students have made Wavertree their home over the years, cementing institutions from the Brookhouse to Dafna’s Cheesecake Factory into graduate folklore. But as developers and Liverpool’s universities pour money

Court Judgement Could Impact the Government’s legislation for Right to Rent

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A landmark court judgement may have a significant impact on the Government’s Right to Rent legislation. Airline Ryanair won a civil court case after appealing against fines imposed by the Home Office for carrying illegal immigrants into the UK. Significantly, the judge who found in favour of the airline said its staff could not be