Christmas in Liverpool

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No matter your age, Christmas can be a fun and magical time of year. Whether you’re a newcomer to Liverpool or a born and bred Scouser, there’s plenty to do in Liverpool over the Christmas holidays. A time of lights, magic, cheers, food and friends – there’s never a dull moment in Liverpool. There’s just

Benefits of Using a Letting Agency

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Benefits of Using a Letting Agency Most people who invest in a house to let as a house share like the idea of making some income off their investment but do not want to be involved in the day to day management of the property. I can be a full-time job. That’s where a letting

Liverpool’s Chinatown Still Has Life

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Liverpool's Chinatown Still Has Life Liverpool’s Chinatown might be thought of to some as a bit of a dead end. Don’t believe it. There is movement afoot to breathe new life into it and you can part of that. It’s been almost twenty years since the famous arch was built, welcoming everyone to Chinatown. While

Let your rooms NOW with Now Rooms! Free tenant find fees and professional photographer session before 15th October.

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Are you tired of the rooms in your HMO being empty for months on end? Let your rooms NOW with Now Rooms! Some of the benefits of choosing management with us include: 1. DEDICATED lettings and marketing manager to help you show off your property to potential tenants 2. ROUND THE CLOCK maintenance support with

SPECIAL OFFER FOR TRADES PEOPLE – Have you done work for an HMO landlord recently?

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Trades people! Do you know an HMO landlord who's looking to take the hassle out of HMO management? Refer them to us and get £50 FREE when they sign up with us! Why refer an HMO landlord to us? We can offer you: 1. HIGH QUALITY working professional tenants 2. The NUMBER 1 specialist HMO

Hilbre Island and So Much More in Liverpool

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Oh, the sights that you can see in Liverpool are plentiful and interesting. The shops and bars are great for window shopping or finding treasures you didn´t know you wanted and for relaxing with a beverage after a great meal. But there´s so much more in Liverpool that needs exploring. The Hilbre Islands are an

What Sharing is All About

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Sharing private rental space with others is something that needs to be done with eyes wide open. Knowing how your tenancy is organized is very important in regards to the tenancy agreement, rent payment and obligations, vacating and the desire for the other occupant to vacate. When living with a stranger, or even a friend,

Is Kensington now saturated with HMOs?

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Four years ago a group of people living in Kensington formed the Kensington Residents Association. They are all long-time residents of Kensington and are fed up with what has happened to their neighbourhood. You won’t find a name or a picture of anyone in the group. They are all too frightened to go public. The

Korean Billy finally makes it to Liverpool!

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Have you ever visited Liverpool and had trouble understanding what the residents are saying? The dialect and accent of people from Liverpool is called Scouse and can be difficult to understand. It’s not just the accent that can be difficult – the words they use are very different and unique. This is not a phenomenon

Latest news on Liverpool’s major developments

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Liverpool is growing and this growth is changing the face of the skyline. Construction is underway on many projects, including skyscrapers, apartment towers and hotels. When a city wants to build in the centre, there is nowhere to go but up and that’s exactly what’s happening in Liverpool. Towering cranes can be seen throughout Liverpool,